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Pufflower Cushion

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Whether you’re searching for a lovely, snuggly blanket for a new baby in the family or maybe even for a beloved family pet, I have a great selection of cosy blankets for you to take your pick from, which are certain to be a welcome gift for anyone. Who could resist snuggling up on a cold Winter’s day in a beautiful, soft handmade blanket?

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  • SOLD OUT88383474 3788 4670 9a01 8a6c7bc2bbfa

    Flower and toadstool appliqués

  • 942a19c9 6178 4d79 8835 00a72706bdfa

    Rainbow teddy bear appliqué 10 inch

  • SOLD OUTEc0b8092 4f32 4e43 A239 E98317494e75

    Teddy bear with daisy – appliqué or decoration

  • 49abd629 D043 498d Bf33 0989f6b2215c

    Crochet hedgehog and sunflower appliqué large

  • 227051a4 523c 4f82 9db4 5a49bbe716a1

    Crochet Panda Appliqué

  • Grey teddy bear appliqué and flower appliqué pack of 7

  • SOLD OUT7a384857 C07c 4006 B8f3 72daa88d9de4

    Crochet rainbow hedgehog appliqué with two flowers

  • SOLD OUT3a2c004f 245c 4644 B178 9df87c31b906

    Crochet mouse amigurumi


    Large autumn crochet leaves

  • SOLD OUT6a51cbfd F879 4bcd 851f Bdc21b474c36

    Molly appliqué special order

  • SOLD OUT5d167668 134f 4b4e 9937 67ae00b92f1c

    Teddy bear appliqué

  • SOLD OUT701a32b2 1cf7 4082 Bca2 76a69382befe

    Jubilee hedgehog decoration

  • 518810ab 00c8 4c87 B08f 28ee5be5482e

    Red rose and butterfly appliqué

  • 06cac636 5054 480c 9e0a 89085d8e844a

    Crochet butterfly and rose appliqué

  • D7547034 E809 4cce 9854 9fbf094e847c

    Easter Chick Appliqué or Tree Decoration

  • 5797ba1e B043 4909 B83a E6c9e3fffd7f

    Large crochet hedgehog appliqué


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Pufflower Cushion

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