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Pufflower Cushion

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  • SALE 87d7aed2 9727 45ac A167 387ceb364ba9

    Hand knitted oatmeal unisex scarf

  • SALE

    Hand knitted scarf in cream, brown and two shades of green

  • SALE

    Hand knitted unisex grey with rainbow flecks scarf with fringes

  • SALE 1b303288 2f8a 411f A99b 8893421195d4

    Unisex adult rainbow hand knitted scarfs

  • SALE 4e8c0309 3058 4339 Ad58 A92834d3866c

    Hand knitted cream fleck scarf – unisex

  • SALE 57b9b36b 3090 4121 B83e Fd9a6899c0b4

    Hand knitted cowl

  • SALE 1127255a F0e4 4890 Ad5f F36fe22caf1c

    Beige hand knitted scarf

  • SALE 4e8c0309 3058 4339 Ad58 A92834d3866c

    Children’s unisex cream flecked hand knitted scarf

  • SALE Afeb2954 812b 428d 84f3 65c729e5d3ba

    Crochet cowl

  • SALE 194ea1d4 976d 4b22 Bfef 7304942b5360

    Make your own rainbow scarf

  • SOLD OUTB1b6e88f 6fbd 4d3b 9162 63ec40eecdb9

    Rainbow knitted scarf

  • SALE 5aa51060 1f4f 4c82 8a02 5353e792bbac

    Pink scarf

  • SALE 5342505b E425 4138 8df0 5e1d4301b779

    Child’s green scarf


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Pufflower Cushion

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