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Pufflower Cushion

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  • Welsh Heart decoration

    £ 13.99
  • Hand made cards

    £ 10.00
  • Crochet valentines cat decoration

    £ 9.50
  • SALE 9f422e7d 634d 4c02 9204 2f3a18d3b2ae

    Crochet pink heart with a panda and roses ~ Mother’s Day ~ Teacher gifts

    Original price was: £ 12.00.Current price is: £ 9.49.
  • SALE

    Pig sewing kit

    Original price was: £ 10.99.Current price is: £ 8.99.
  • 80b0eefd 9cb1 4ccf A928 810d80a29855

    Panda Wall Hanging 9 inch

    £ 8.50
  • 6d54587f Ba53 42f8 B968 D95d7c0599ec

    Woodland hedgehog

    £ 8.49
  • B5220998 9abb 4a1d A9c0 B2dd98f31a54

    Red Valentines Bee

    £ 8.00
  • 4bf10e92 E074 4b75 Afac 59099e8e9ef1

    Pink Valentine Bee

    £ 8.00
  • Bumblebee and flower shelf sitter

    £ 8.00
  • 46f2bcf8 3cce 4f0f 9296 2c7eab38de73

    Crochet hedgehog and daisy decoration ~ Mother’s Day gifts

    £ 7.99
  • C4f66a97 8735 4745 B7a5 Bdfe1080ff30

    Hedgehog and heart decoration

    £ 7.99
  • C41638f1 D3be 404c 9db9 7ad72deb9eea

    Hedgehog with daffodil decoration

    £ 7.99
  • 250ac8f3 Cfea 4929 B791 325219de1d0e

    Black fingerless gloves

    £ 7.50
  • 78aaef78 1dbd 404f A0ec 36c23e8180d2

    Bee keyring shelf sitter

    £ 7.00
  • 7ebf5b8d 779f 4bf9 B741 7b7075828c81

    Crochet heart decoration, large

    £ 7.00

Find out first when we release new items!

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Pufflower Cushion

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